Weekly Letter

Trial, Serenity and Salvation

The troubles and suffering of the victims of oppression should be shared amongst the public.  
We try to remember it:  
Their oppression, suffering, lack of freedom all the other troubles they go through;  
When we consider all of these it is normal to be really sad.  
And if we share a collective conscience and have a strong affinity to the Hizmet Movement, we will share the burden of those troubles.  
We are sharing them altogether.  
Some of them are incarcerated, separated from their family members, they long to meet their family again.  
Since we belong to the same movement, we share the same sorrow.  
Beside this point, being conscious of others suffering depends on one’s understanding of brotherhood.  
Not everyone will feel it to the same degree:  
Some people might lay restlessly in bed at night, unable to sleep.  
Even though they respect God’s ultimate decree and refrain from any utterance of displeasure,  
as humans they will feel distressed.  
Remember what Izzat Molla says:  
‘I will not tire of torment, my dear,  
But at a point we can’t take it anymore, for the body is human!’  
Yes, so many people have suffered vicious blows in the face of oppression and lost everything they had.  
How we feel about these events is positively related to our understanding of brotherhood.  
We will feel it and share the sorrow.  
Therefore when we pray for an end to all this, we will pray for both them and ourselves.  
And when they are free and their troubles are over we will feel just as happy.  
The honourable Imam of Alvar has a poem that says: ‘When Islam is reborn / That is a day for celebration’.  
I have added two lines to it:  
‘When Islam is reborn,  
That is a time for celebration.’  
That is a time for celebration’ is by the Imam of Alvar.  
‘When light drowns out the darkness,  
That is a time for celebration.’  
When compassion rains from the sky,  
That is a time for celebration.’  
You can produce more lines.  
‘That is a time for celebration.’  
And then he uses a style popular in the Poetry of Divan.  
He says, ‘See how beautiful of a celebration’, what a beautiful celebration.  
Now, when they are sharing the joy of celebration of freedom amongst each other, this joy will of course reach you too and you will feel the bliss inside you.  
From one aspect, those thoughts and feelings must be present of humans.  
Nevertheless, that celebration, relief and release is reliant on both a complete turning to God with our worship and constantly asking for the same things from God.  
Prophet Jonah said, ‘O Lord.  
You are God, and there is no deity but You.  
All-Glorified You are (in that You are absolutely above having any defect).  
Surely, I have been one of the wrongdoers (who have wronged themselves)  
I await for your forgiveness, my Lord’ (Al-Anbiya, 21:87)—You may look for the explanation of this topic in The Gleams.—When we say ‘There is none Worshipped by Right, Truly Desired by Right but You.  
When we say, ‘Only You.’  
You are the Truth, all existence is the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of Your Divine Existence.  
‘Knowledge’ is the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of Your Knowledge.  
‘Will’ is the shadow of the shadow of the shadow of Your Will.  
It is not non-existent, it exists but it is like the existence of a shadow.  
There is a dichotomy here, but one of them is fundamental and the other is a shadow and it is relative.  
Yes, I glorify and exalt You.  
The word ‘All-Glorified’ here is to describe Almighty God with exalted qualities and exonerate Him from all deficiencies!  
There is also this meaning in God’s honourable Name ‘The All-Holy and The All-Pure’.  
In his book The Gleams, the Honourable Sage Bediüzzaman mentions ‘The All-Holy and The All-Pure’ as being one of the six Greatest Names of God.  
On earth, it reflects as earthly cleanliness, purity, harmony, ecosystems and—even though it is not mentioned like this—glorification of God Almighty.  
In other words, The Divine Essence:  
‘He is neither a body nor a substance, nor is He a spatial entity, nor of quintessence.  
He does not eat, nor drink, nor is contained in time: He is high above all such features.  
He is absolutely free from change and alteration, in fact even from having shape or form.  
Alteration, and transformation, and from colours and having a shape as well—these are His Attributes in the negative.  
He is neither in the heavens nor on the earth; neither on the right nor on the left; neither before nor after;  
He is absolutely free from any direction. He is not contained by space.’  
When we utter ‘You are The All-Glorified’, we also intend these meanings.  
And there is also that, when the Prophet says this through his own perspective, he says so more profoundly.  
After describing the Divine Essence in an appropriate manner, he mentions his own state:  
By bowing his head before Him, he said ‘Oh God!  
My head is on the threshold of Your Divine Door.’  
In order to express this matter flawlessly to avoid comparison, it is better to express it as ‘in the threshold of Your Divine Mercy, Divine beneficence, Divine Compassion’, which is how it was expressed (in an article in the Çağlayan magazine).  
(Prophet Jonah) said, ‘My head is at Your door, ‘I am among those who have wronged themselves.’  
As he kept repeating this prayer in the belly of the fish, the Divine Essence saved him; the fish took Jonah, peace be upon him, to the shore.  
This is written clearly and in detail in two places in the Qur’an.  
When he returns with the grace of Almighty God, he is saved. Moreover, a hundred thousand people or more also get saved by believing in him, which in turn gives Jonah spiritual expansion and attests to the pleasure of God Almighty.  
Then we read the verse: ‘There is no deity but You, All-Glorified You are (in that You are absolutely above having any defect). Surely, I have been one of the wrongdoers (who have wronged themselves).’  
We can add, ‘Oh God, give us an exit path and a dissipation of grief.’  
As a side note:  
Our friends have seen such beautiful dreams.  
Sometimes, our noble Prophet directly appeared before them; sometimes the Honourable Abu Bakr and sometimes the Honourable Khalid.  
These great people appeared before them.  
Of course, the greatness of our noble Prophet cannot be expressed with the phrase ‘greatness’.  
But the matter should not be expressed according to its proportion.  
He is ‘great’, peace and blessings be upon him.  
With the expression of the poor, essentially ‘a means like an aim in itself.’  
That is why in the recitation of ‘There is no deity but God’, the holy Names of God Almighty and the God’s Messenger are mentioned side by side.  
Our noble Prophet and the Honourable Khalid appears before them.  
According to the persons character and the circumstances of their struggles in that moment.  
Someone sees Yunus ibn Matta in their dream.  
However, dreams can be seen so clearly at times, and other people there would see it as well.  
Yunus ibn Matta says, you have read the prayer, ‘There is no deity but You, All-Glorified You are (in that You are absolutely above having any defect). Surely, I have been one of the wrongdoers (who have wronged themselves)’ and God Almighty gave them salvation.  
He says, ‘And (mention) Job (among those whom We made leaders): he called out to his Lord, saying: “Truly, affliction has visited me (so that I can no longer worship You as I must); and You are the Most Merciful of the merciful.’ (Al-Anbiya 21:83).  
Prophet Yunus states to the individual:  
‘I repeated that in the stomach of the fish.’  
So hardship is going to trouble you so much that apparent causes and means will completely cease to operate but despite everything, you will not lose your connection with Him.  
Just like Prophet Jonah at the bottom of the well.  
God Almighty reveals his message to Prophet Joseph while his is just a child.  
He reveals to him that He promises to show him through to the end of his journey.  
And therefore in serious contentment.  
There is nothing he complains about.  
A bucket is lowered; rather than retrieving water, a child with beauty so mesmerising is taken out from the bottom of the well.  
When worldly causes cease to operate, the mystery of Divine Uniqueness becomes manifest.  
Thus, when we say, ‘There is no deity but You, All-Glorified You are. Surely, I have been one of the wrongdoers,’ for our friends, brothers and sisters we should also add, ‘Grant us a relief and deliverance’.  
Our attitude and actions should be at that same Divine door, that’s another topic.  
However we should also express our desires.  
This would not be simple statements of the tongue and mouth.  
Nowadays everything is a statement of the mouth and tongue.  
The words you hear about religion being spoken in the mosques are words of the tongue and mouth, not the heart.  
A thinker of ours.  
This may be cause of antipathy but I love him dearly.  
A thinker who weeps in his prayers, an academic; partially also a fellow townsmen.  
He completed his doctorate in France; when he was in Denizli, he met the Honourable Sage Bediüzzaman.  
A person who sobbed in his Daily Prayers.  
A side note:  
Have you ever seen someone in a mosque cry so much that they fainted?  
Personally, I have not seen one after a certain period in time.  
The youth used to lose themselves in the past.  
However, they have killed that spiritual state. They have spilt acid on it and made people resemble them.  
That youth distanced themselves from prayer and adopted drugs, smoking, alcohol.  
And became so-called religious school students.  
They were supposed to put that institution into every state of livelihood and raise people like themselves.  
Indeed, they raised people like themselves.  
That is what dissent does.  
That thinker would refer to these people as ‘masters of the throat.’  
Masters of sound and audio.  
Those people who recite the Qur’an at Mawlids and funerals, not to send blessings on anybody but rather to show themselves, to invest in their own futures.  
‘If I recite the Qur’an in an impressive way, then they would call me to recite somewhere else; and if I gained here I would gain more from there’ etc.  
Everything they do is an investment for something else.  
Therefore, to refer to such people as ‘vocal artists’ is an understatement and is a rather light comment.  
The real matter is for the tongue and mouth to be a translator for the heart.  
If this is so, the heart is moved and trembling with faith, and one’s tongue comes to the rescue.  
saying, ‘Let me translate these feelings for you’, and in its own way according to its own disposition of expression, comes forth with such an affect to make one feeble.  
When we read the narration of the sayings of the noble Prophet, we see that when Qutayba ibn Said recited the Qur’an, and was giving a talk, there were four others present there.  
I will never forget.  
I was a radio operator in the army, and I was listening to Abdussamad when he recited the Qur’an.  
Once he was reciting the end of the chapter of Takwir, he recited so nicely.  
I never came across that recording again, his recitation could genuinely make one faint.  
They reported:  
‘One of the four friends fainted and passed away.’  
Yes, this is related to the voice in their heart, not to the noises or sounds they utter.  
If a human can make a sound like that of a reed flute, what need is there for mumbling and grumbling?  
Coming back to our topic.  
A person presents such a standing, a perspective and speaks in such a profound manner that when you listen to them from a variety of perspectives you can only say, ‘This persons words are more than simple sounds’.  
This must be the voice of the heart.’  
This is the heart that:  
‘The heart is a house of God, purify it of whatever there is other than Him,  
So that the All-Merciful may descend into His palace at night.’  
Indeed, it is the manifestation of God, He manifests there, especially at night.  
So we must capture that situation and recite ‘And whoever fear God, He will give him a way out’ and relate it to it.  
And we must consider and understand Jonah’s words, peace be upon him.  
Truly, causes cease to exist; there is nothing to do about it.  
With all esteem, he turns to Almighty God.  
Thrusting all causes with the back of the hand, he declares ‘There is only You, there is no need to look for anything else’.  
God states, ‘If you turn to Me, if you are entrusting this issue to me, that I will do as I will’, and He removes Jonah from the belly of the whale.  
I often say:  
‘My Lord,  
I and all those in the act of this service, and this service itself is all entrusted unto you.  
With my entire consciousness I am saying this:  
‘If we entrust this to governments, to politicians and statesmen we will be destroyed.  
But You are the Trustworthy.  
You are the Remover of Fear and Granter of Tranquillity.  
And so it is all entrusted to you.  
In Your presence, your Sphere of Holiness, I entrust this to you, I need your help.  
You are not a betrayer of trusts’  
From this perspective, it is important to entrust your affairs to Almighty God.  
If you entrust the entire situation to Him entirely, then you will be faced with His generous help and munificence.  
A verse in Surah al-Baqarah confirms this: “… fulfil My covenant (which I made with you through your Prophets), so that I fulfil your covenant, and of Me alone be in awe and fear (in awareness of My Power and of your being My servants)” (al-Baqarah, 2:40).  
‘And let me fulfil your covenant’, he says here. But this can be interpreted as a response or reply.  
It means that ‘in turn for your loyalty, let me reply to you’.  
What did you do there?  
The servant is in their own situation.  
The Divine Essence, says is an authentic tradition, ‘Mine is a step’.  
If you take a step, I will walk in return.  
If you approach, I will run in return.  
Then ultimately we will face each other and talk.’  
In other words, you move towards Him in accordance with your indignity and He (may He be glorified and exalted) turns towards you in direct proportion with His Dignity, that’s all.  
Now in this case, if God permits, our requests of relief and solution for situation and that of our brothers will not be left without a reply or response; God will accept them and grant us with relief and resolution.  
First of all, we are going through a test at the moment, which will end one day.  
We are capable of surviving this test and exit from it all pure and clean.  
Secondly, since we did not make best use of the opportunities God offered us earlier, He virtually tells us through these events: ‘Compensate for all the things you have missed earlier by their magnitudes’.  
Remember that when you make up a missed prayer, you also need to perform the prayer of that time as well.  
For example, when you compensate for the Asr Prayer; you perform the old prayer of the Asr with the one of the current time.  
In this case you need to increase the gear; if your gear is 4, you need to gear it up to 8.  
And if you add a state of ‘self-assurance’ to your move, you will need to boost it up to twelve.  
Yes, this must be performed; and this is another issue.  
Because you were late in performing your duties.  
For example; you did not try to communicate with others in the past as you are doing today.  
For example, you did not succeed in your Ramadan Iftar dinners; you did not reach important people who are of equivalent importance to thousands.  
If you were successful, your message would have reached everywhere the sun rises and sets as the Pride of Humanity stated and the Noble Spirit of the Master of Humankind would have been pleased.  
If He came into your dreams, He was going to smile and show his gratification for the efforts you put forward.  
I have no doubt about this. The truth of ‘There is no deity but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God’ is going to be proclaimed to all corners of the world.  
As Yahya Kemal says in his poem:  
‘You are a glorious command, the adhan of Muhammad  
The world is not large enough for your sound, the adhan of Muhammad  
If death should not have made Sultan Selim bow down  
The name of Muhammad should have conquered the world  
The sky fills with lofty light from thousands of minarets  
When the spirit of Muhammad blossoms  
All souls witness the truth of “God is the All-Great”  
When the words of Muhammad echo in the Divine Throne  
Let this poem, for the grave of my mother in Skopje,  
Be a gift of the beautiful statement of Muhammad.’  
Peace and blessings be upon him.  
Indeed, this is the direction he has pointed you to. He has seen it with his third eye and declared, ‘This is the future’.  
At the same time, he has also given you a goal, ‘Try to attain this within your generation’.  
But this may not be achieved in your time.  
If you are a wayfarer on this way, then you will have a share in whatever the reward is for achieving the goal, because you organised yourself in accordance with this goal.  
This is another aspect of it.  
God Almighty has given us vast means; have these means been utilised in the most effective way?  
For this reason we say relief and success is subject to many personal, social, and destiny-related limitations. There are many factors in play.  
Another point is effective management of those who are oppressing us.  
The Pride of Humanity was oppressed for 13 years in Mecca.  
Oppressors, unbelievers, hypocrites, polytheists, and many other wretched miserable types were competing with each other in their oppression of him.  
The Messenger of God did what he could in the given circumstances until the time he migrated.  
Otherwise they would not have left him alone.  
The fact that they followed him to the Palace (cave) of Thawr with their weapons showed their malicious intentions.  
Today, just as some tyrants in contemporary Islamic countries think about the same kind of things.  
‘A mother separated from her child.. I don’t care if she dies.  
As long as my reign is kept alive.’  
Look at the Islamic world.  
With its darkened face, darkened palaces, darkened thoughts, always overtaking people with its dark smoke.  
Yes, only with God’s leave, did the Prophet do what needed to do and wriggled past what he needed to elude.  
But despite facing such adversity for thirteen years, with the will of God, he turned Yathrib into Medina in a way that would carry the flag for his mission.  
It was an element of balance during the reign of the Honourable Umar ibn al-Khattab.  
Especially in a very short period of time.  
‘How many years?” you will ask.  
Our noble Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, was in Medina for ten years. The Honourable Abu Bakr for close to three years; the Honourable Umar for ten years; think about it, twenty three years.  
On horseback.  
Not with tanks, artillery or aircraft.  
One generation.  
Consequently, supplications for relief and solution can be bound by a specific and ordained time.  
Accordingly, we must either cleanse ourselves or wait for the predetermined date to take place.  
God Almighty wants us to reach his presence in an immaculately purified manner.  
The matter at hand is to be cleansed to such degree that, when he, peace and blessings be upon him, describes the people following him as ‘my stars’, that is, ‘My Companions are like the stars; whichever of them you follow will guide you to me’, essentially we try to follow in the footsteps of those Companions.  
In order to capture that state, one must demonstrate a level of consistency, a level of resistance and endurance.  
Truly, with the will of God Almighty, the goal is to reach a level of consistency that will make Him heard all over the world.  
Now if God Almighty willed this, even if these look like torment, anguish and suffering, it is the manifestation of His mercy, a gift to us; you can perceive these to be the spectrum of mercy.  
Yes, without any hesitation.  
Consequently, they need to make this an expectation; they should not rush in that matter.  
The Qur’an states:  
‘If you do not help the Messenger, yet, for certain, God helped him when those who disbelieve drove him out (of his home during the Hijra).  
The second of the two when they were in the cave (with those in pursuit of them having reached the mouth of the cave), and he said to his Companion (with utmost trust in God and no worry at all): “Do not grieve. God is surely with us.”  
Then God sent down His gift of inner peace and reassurance on him, supported him with hosts you could not see,  
And brought the word (the cause) of the unbelievers utterly low.  
And God’s word (His cause) is (always and inherently) supreme.  
God is the All-Glorious with irresistible might, the All-Wise’ (At-Tawbah, 9:40).  
During the dominion of Thawr, the Honourable Abu Bakr’s agitation was from his worry of something happening to the Prophet.  
However, God’s Messenger was acting as though there was nothing there.  
They were walking around; he could see their feet and even hear their footsteps; the cave was not very deep.  
However by the will of God, a spider web and the nest of two doves cuts the disbeliever’s path to the entrance of the cave.  
In that moment the Prophet said, ‘Do not be worried my friend!  
God is with us.’  
“Then God sent down His gift of inner peace and reassurance on him, supported him with hosts you could not see,  
And God’s word (His cause) is (always and inherently) supreme.”  
God’s word is none other than supreme; the unbeliever’s word, what they say and do is none other than vulgar.  
Do not fear.  
‘Truth will always gain the upper hand; triumph will not be gained over the people of truth.’  
The serenity sent down to the Prophet, as a result, allowed for the heart to feel full of conviction and satisfaction.  
Essentially, it is contentment filling his heart.  
However, all of this was achieved as a result of complete acceptance and dependence in the Almighty.  
If you turn to God, countenance will bread countenance.  
Show countenance, and in return you will find it returned to you.  
May God grant his beneficence and favour upon you, upon all of us.  
He allowed for us to be on the right side.  
We could have deviated and found ourselves amongst the oppressors.  
We could have been worse off than the foolish and wretched people who orchestrated our oppression.  
We could have followed them like livestock.  
God Almighty purified us in a very different way.  
Some of our friends were imprisoned.  
Some, like you, have embarked on a sacred migration in the cause of God.  
With this, God is bringing forth the Pride of Humanity’s glad tidings and goal of ‘My name will reach everywhere on which the sun rises over and sets.’  
There is now no one left in the world that hasn’t heard of you.  
There is currently a court case in America.  
They have hired twenty strong firms with experienced lawyers, so that they can ‘prosecute people who are affiliated with the Movement.’  
They are first coming for myself, although I am just a simple man.  
And of course they hope that once they succeed, America becomes a station for flying people straight back to Turkey.  
They want to accuse everyone on by one, and send them there.  
And they will also be left to die in a cell.  
They hire twenty, thirty lawyers; twenty, thirty firms.  
They spend tonnes of money.  
Only one is presented in the media, but the solicitors know everything else.  
One such thing is that one of those lawyers is being payed fifteen million dollars.  
And the people who are hiring these people are those two ministers from Cappadocia.  
Never mind, it’s best I don’t mention their names.  
People that look but do not see; ministers.  
Now, if they are spending this much for one lawyer, imagine the extent to which they can go if they actually had something to chase up, if they hit the bullseye.  
God Almighty is protecting you against such a grudge.  
And still, people are coming and seeking refuge here.  
I ask forgiveness from God, not ‘seeking refuge’, they are changing their location in order to continue their mission; they are undertaking the compulsory sacred migration  
Both compulsory and voluntary migration are very important, each is more virtuous than the other in different ways.  
Yes, those of yesterday gained the good deeds of voluntary migration.  
And those of today have left behind their homes, properties, wealth, and much more. They have that pain eating at their heart, yet they say, ‘Let it be!’ and get on with it, believing that as long as the Noble Prophet becomes known all over the globe, let whatever it is be.  
‘O God, help us always live with the remembrance of You, away from blindness, let us always be full of gratitude in the face of Your countless blessings, and let us always be of Your rightly guided servants and allow us to worship You in the best way possible.  
Oh God, help us in every unit of life and at every corner of the world against politicians, bureaucrats, soldiers, police officers, intelligence officers, lawyers and all other professionals that bear hostility against us.  
Oh the absolute victorious the All-Mighty and All-Powerful, the All-Majestic and the All-Overcomer; accept our prayers; do not let us down in our hopes and expectations and do not let us return empty handed.  
We may not be worthy of it, but such blessing and generosity is due to Your Glory.  
O All-Merciful One, The One of Majesty and Grace!”