Q1: What is the mission of the Nizamiye Complex?

A1:  Nizamiye  Complex operates in South Africa and serves its people and neighboring countries. It conducts quality education in Islamic and modern sciences, offers health services and social and cultural activities.

Q2: What is the vision of the Nizamiye Complex?

A2: To become a leading institution built on Islamic and universal values and working to foster these values among the individuals and society and supply correct and valuable information about Islam-based authentic resources.

Q3: Are non-Muslims allowed to visit the Nizamiye Complex? When?

A3: Yes, they are. Nizamiye Complex always welcomes visitors regardless of any background, race, gender, and religion. It is appreciated if you organize your visit with our director of public relations before you come. Suggested times for non- Muslim visitors are as mentioned below:

10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

02:00 p.m. to 04:30 p.m.

Q4: What is the etiquette (manners and custom) of the Nizamiye Complex?

A4: However every social institution has etiquette, Nizamiye Complex also has etiquette. These are:

a) All visitors are kindly requested to remove their shoes when entering the mosque.

b) Ladies are suggested to cover their hair using headscarves that are provided in the wardrobe located next to the lady’s ablution area. Moreover, they are kindly requested to wear loose and decent attire when they are in the mosque area. Dresses and gowns are at their disposal in the same wardrobe to facilitate this.

c) Nizamiye  Complex is actively used as a place of worship. Kindly do your utmost to observe silence at the premises to accommodate worshipers. Therefore, do refrain from having loud conversations. (telephonic or not)

We thank you wholeheartedly for your kind understanding and cooperation in this matter.


Q5:  What is the contact detail of Nizamiye Clinic?

A5: Nizamiye Clinic’s contact detail is as below

Tel: +27 10 345 4341

Cell: +27 11 205 0692

Q6:  How to organize your visit and bookings?

A6: Nizamiye Complex hosts visit from local schools as part of the RE curriculum, to introduce pupils to the mosque and its functions and as a general introduction to Islamic worship. Besides Nizamiye Complex is open for any kind of tourist visits across the country and international visitors.

These visits are free of charge (donations are recommended), however, it is highly advised to book your visit in advance to ensure availability.

Contact us if you wish to arrange a mosque visit through this number: