Nizamiye Mosque


Construction on Nizamiye Masjid began in October 2009 and was completed in 2012. The basic plan of the masjid was adopted from the 16th-century Ottoman Selimiye Mosque, located in Edirne, Turkey, was designed by Mimar Sinan.

Nizamiye Masjid was scaled to the Selimiye Mosque by a ratio of 80%. The plans for the mosque were designed in Turkey and adapted by a South African architect to South African building standards.

The mosque has a main dome that is 31m high and 24m wide that is covered in 48 tons of lead. There are an additional 4 half domes and 21 smaller domes. Inside the mosque are authentic Turkish ceramics on the walls and calligraphy on the ceiling. The dome is patterned with Turkish art and the custom-made carpet below is a reflection of it. There are 4 minarets that are 55m high, which have stairs that go up to three platforms. There are 232 stained glass windows.

Up to 6,000 people can be accommodated per service within the facilities of the central prayer hall for men and the prayer gallery for women. There are five ablution facilities in one of the courtyards.