Sacred Relics Hall

The Sacred Relics hall consists of pictures of religious pieces sent to the Ottoman Sultans between the 16th century to the late 19th century. The various pictures of sacred relics are displayed in the hall. The originals of the items are in Topkapı Palace in Istanbul.

The pictures of Prophet Abraham’s Pot, Prophet Joseph’s Turban,  Prophet Moses’s Staff,  Prophet David’s Sword, and hand reliquary of Prophet John is on display. (Peace be upon them all)

The pictures of the Kaaba, the gutters of the Kaaba, the casing of the Black Stone (Hacerü’l-Esved), the Door of Repentance, and the swords of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH)  companions are on display.

In Another section, pictures of a tooth of  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), hair from the beard of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Seal of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), an autographed Letter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) bow are on display.