Nizamiye Bazaar

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The Nizamiye Bazaar is a unique and vibrant marketplace located in South Africa. It is part of the Nizamiye Complex, a Turkish-inspired cultural and religious center situated in Midrand, Johannesburg.

The Nizamiye Bazaar stands out for its distinctive architectural design, resembling traditional Ottoman architecture. The intricate domes, ornate archways, and beautifully crafted minarets create a visually striking atmosphere, reminiscent of Turkey's cultural heritage.

This bazaar offers visitors a diverse range of goods and services, representing the rich tapestry of Turkish and Middle Eastern cultures. The marketplace showcases an array of shops and stalls where visitors can find traditional Turkish handicrafts, clothing, jewelry, home décor, and various other products. It is an ideal place to explore Turkish culture, indulge in authentic Turkish cuisine, and experience the warmth and hospitality of the Turkish community in South Africa.

The bazaar section of the complex has 11 shops, whose revenue is used in part for the expenses of the mosque.

The Nizamiye Bazaar includes
- Istanbul Bakery
- Ottoman Palace Restaurant
- Time to care charity shop
- Book Shop and Locksmith
- Nikfer Kitchenware
- Manti Anatolian Food
- Pengo Gelato
- Kai-NaNa Deli Cafe
- Turkiye Pazaari Shop
- Turkish Barber

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