Nizamiye complex

About Us

The Nizamiye Complex has been established in 2012 with the grace and mercy of Allah SWT.

The Nizamiye Complex (Turkish: Nizamiye Külliyesi) has several institutions besides the masjid and serves as a community centre with several halls and facilities.

Nizamiye Mosque operates in South Africa and serves its people and neighboring countries. It conducts quality education in Islamic and modern sciences, offers health services and social and cultural activities
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Nizamiye  Complex Facilities

Nizamiye Mosque

Nizamiye Mosque operates in South Africa and serves its people and neighboring countries.
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Nizamiye Clinic

Nizamiye Clinic offers health care services in 10 different areas for those without the need for an overnight stay. It is open to the general public.
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 Nizamiye Bazaar

The bazaar section of the complex has 11+ shops, whose revenue is used in part for the expenses of the mosque.
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Nizamiye Madrasa & Hifz School

Nizamiye Madrasa and Hifz School is an educational institutions that hold significant importance in the Muslim community, particularly for the study of Islamic sciences and the memorization of the Quran.
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Nizamiye Primary and High School

Nizamiye Schools are independent schools established by Fountain Educational Trust, which provide instruction from Grade RR to Grade 12 in South Africa.
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Nizamiye Hall

Nizamiye's Hall, an exquisite venue designed for grandeur and sophistication, offers a captivating setting to host a diverse range of events. Our versatile space is meticulously crafted to accommodate weddings, conferences, functions, and dinners, for gatherings of up to 800+ guests.
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