Nizamiye Mosque Complex

Towering over Midrand, Nizamiye is the biggest mosque complex in the southern hemisphere. Built by a Turkish philanthropist. Nizamiye Complex was completed in 2012 and is modeled on the 16th-century Ottoman Selimiye mosque in Edirne, Turkey.

Work began on the project on 1 October 2009 and was officially inaugurated by   President Jacob Zuma on 4 October 2012. The name of the complex was inspired by the 11th-century Nizamiye Madrasahs, a higher education institution system used in Baghdad and other parts of the Islamic world.

Within the Nizamiye complex, there is a mosque, school, exhibition hall, cemetery, clinic, and bazaar which has a market, bakery, barber, bookshop, carpet and ceramics store, and a Turkish restaurant.